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Appendix X

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Manufacturer X

630000 X-10 Pro (13800 Building Automation & Controls)
650000 Xantech Corporation (16700 Communications)
631100 XCI Corporation (13840 Home Automation)
740000 Xerxes (Liquid & Gas Storage Tanks & Basins)
580800 XeteX (15780 Energy Recovery Equipment)
510000 Xomox Corp. (15100 Building Services Piping)
475000 XPotential Products (Structural Plastic Lumber)
286100 XPotential Products Inc (Plastic Lumber Landscaping Ties)
429100 XXsys Technologies (Carbon Fiber Wraps for Concrete Bridges)
423900 Xypex Chemical (Concrete Curing)
420700 Xypex Chemical Corp (Concrete Waterproofing)

Specification X

Organizations X

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