Architectural Concrete 820000 Architectural Construction Specification Links for architects in 10 division Ryan Links format. (Specification General Product Execution) Architectural links to building manufacturers & associations involved in the construction industry. Presented by Ryan Design Structural Engineering Consultant serving Architects in Pennsylvania & NJ.


821000 Architectural Concrete

Organizations & Glossaries

821100 International Polished Concrete Institute ()
823300 Concrete Countertop Institute (Countertops)
824500 Architectural Precast Assoc (Precast Org)

821100 Decorative Concrete Finishes

821900 Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

823300 Sandia (Exposed Aggregate Concrete)
823300 UFGS (CastInPlaceArchitecturalConcrete)

824500 Precast Architectural Concrete

824500 NYState (Architectural Precast Concrete)
824500 Seaboard Concrete Products (Sample Architectural Precast Spec .htm)
824500 UFGS (PrecastArchitecturalConcrete)
824500 UFGS (Precast[Prestressed]StructuralConcrete)
824500 Veterans Administration (Precast Architectural Concrete)
824500 Wausau Tile (Precast Terrazzo Amenity Spec .pdf)
824500 A to Z Precast Concrete (Architectural Precast Concrete)
824500 American Artstone (Architectural Precast Concrete)
824500 Arban Carosi (Architectural Precast Concrete)
824500 Bertelson Precast (Architectural Precast Concrete)
824500 Capitol Ornamental Concrete (Architectural Precast Concrete Balusters)
824500 Metro Cast (Architectural Precast Concrete)
824500 Seaboard Concrete Products (Architectural Precast Concrete)
824500 Wausau Tile (Architectural Precast Concrete)

824600 Precast Architectural Features

825100 Cementitious Decks

825200 Lightweigh Concrete Roof Insulation

825300 Concrete Toppings

825900 Concrete Stains

Links to Other Links Pages

823300 00 Dmoz (Architectural Concrete)
824500 00 Dmoz (Plant Precast Architectural Concrete)

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823300........Architectural Concrete (03330) (03_33_00)
824500........Faced Architectural Precast Concrete (03450) (03_45_13)
824500........Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (03455) (03_45_13)
824500........Plant Precast Architectural Concrete (03450) (03_45_00)
824500........Site-precast Architectural Concrete (03460) (03_45_00)

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